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Superior Taste Award

Forkys wins double Superior Taste Awards

World-class chefs & sommeliers award Superior Taste Awards to Greek fish farming company Forkys sea bass and sea bream products for their superior taste.

Every year, the jury of the International Taste Institute, composed of some of the world’s best chefs and sommeliers, evaluates thousands of products, while only a limited number of very good products are awarded with the Superior Taste Award.

In 2021, Greek sea bass and sea bream farming company Forkys Aquaculture SA was awarded not only one but two, 3 stars, Superior Taste Awards for their products: one for their sea bass, the other for their sea beam.

There was no doubt left about the outstanding qualities of Forkys products, after the sensory evaluation performed by the jury. The results both in terms of first impression, vision, olfaction, taste, and texture, were taking Forkys sea bass to a total score of 95 % and sea bream to 94 %.

Forkys Aquaculture SA was founded in Chios in 1998. Besides sea bass and sea bream, the company produces other Mediterranean fish species.

Producing high quality fish has always been key to Forkys. Since the establishment of the company, an experienced and committed workforce has played its part in achieving superior results. The Forkys team has a good relationship with their customers around the world who highly appreciate the quality of their fish, and, consequently, Forkys is almost always pre sold-out. Furthermore, the executives of the company have many years of experience in the aquaculture industry, ensuring that fish reaching consumers meet all the quality and safety criteria.

The Forkys team is proud to know that world-class chefs and sommeliers have awarded their Superior Taste Awards to the company they work for. It is the combination of many measures that play a decisive role in Forkys’ making of the award-winning sea bass and sea bream. These measures ensure a stable, very high quality of their products. Forkys have been certified according to EN ISO 22000: 2005 for their entire production, from the fish introduction to cages to the delivery of products to consumption. In top, for their sales to the United Kingdom and USA Forkys is Whole Foods certified. At the same time, all partners also have certifications for the products that supply the company, be it for fish feeds, fish containers, etc.

The company focuses on the utilisation of feeds that provide the best possible nutrition to their fish to provide good and stable growth. For this, Forkys has a strong and dynamic relationship with their feed provider, BioMar Hellenic. BioMar Group is a world leader in innovating high performance aquaculture feeds, dedicated to doing their part in creating a healthy and sustainable global aquaculture industry.

For Forkys, it is important to keep the farming environment in the best possible condition by continuously monitoring the quality of sea water. In top, they also perform annual analyses at the bottom of each ongrowing unit, in order to monitor the impact of the production process on the marine environment.

At the occasion of the publication of the 2021 Taste Award results, Alan Coxon, president of the International Taste Institute chef jury, stated: - The overall quality of products submitted in 2021 has been exceptionally high. We are delighted to witness that the industry is increasingly developing healthier products while keeping a strong focus on taste.
There can be no doubt that having the production of high-quality fish as a priority combined with the personal skills and a remarkably harmonious teamwork has paved the way for Forkys to winning these two Superior Taste Awards.
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See the Superior Taste Award certificate for 2021 and the results for Forkys's Aquacultures SA Seabream here